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How To Prevent Locking Your Children In The Car?

Being a parent comes with a big responsibility to keep your kids safe and with your busy daily routine it can get harder when picking up the children after an exhausting day at work it’s not uncommon to accidentally lock them in the car.

Kids are curious creatures and may try to imitate us when they play. Acting like they are driving a car is a common thing but it can can lead into a situation where they lock themselves in the car.

A kid that gets locked in a car for too long can suffer from severe heat stroke and absence of oxygen which can lead to fatal death.

Minimize Your Daily Chores When You’re with Your Kids

Doing fewer things at once when you have your children with you can help to avoid leaving your kids in the car and if running errands try to bring your children with you whenever you go even if it’s not comfortable.

Monitor your child’s movements

Staying alert is the key to reduce the risk of accidents. Kids have an amazing way of surprising us with their unpredictable behavior. They can get their hands on the car keys and sneak out at the most unexpected moments. It’s so easy to lose track of them when we’re busy but it is crucial to call them and get an answer every 5-10 minutes if their not in your sight.

Be Prepare With Spare Car Keys

It’s a great idea to have a spare car key available in case of an emergency when your kid get himself locked in the car and the key is locked with him inside the car. The stress of trying to find a locksmith while worrying about your child can be overwhelming and also the time it will take the locksmith to arrive can feel like forever.

Make A Habit to Check Your Car Often

Checking your car is a great idea but not so very convenient so it is highly recommended to install a dash cam that you can control from your smartphone to monitor your car without going out physically. This smart camera can send notification if any movement is detected in your car.

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