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Why Should You Rekey Your House?

There are situations in life that will force you to take an informed step and secure your home and rekey the locks in your home. The main purpose behind this wise decision is to regain security and to feel safe in your own home.

What is lock rekey?

Lock rekeying is a process where the internal pins of a lock are rearranged to operate with a new key. It’s an affordable security solution that home owner choose over changing the entire locks to, prevent unauthorized access. It’s a quick way to improve your home security without spending a lot of money.

When should you rekey your locks?

Moving into a New Home

When you move into a new home it’s impossible to know who might have keys to your new property. Rekeying the locks will absolutely make sure that only you have the right key.

Lost Keys

Losing keys can happen to any of us and if you’ve lost your keys the best action is to immediately rekey your locks to prevent who ever found then from entering your home.

Changes in Residents

Whether it’s a change in tenants or roommates whenever someone who had a key to your property leaves it’s required to rekey the locks to keep your property secure.

Damaged Locks

Locks can wear out over time or get damaged which can compromise your home. If you notice any sign of damage or if your locks aren’t working properly it might be time to consider rekeying or changing the locks.

After a Break-In Attempt

If you’ve experienced a break-in attempt it’s important to have a professional locksmith check the condition of your locks and if the locks are in good condition it’s still recommended to rekey them. Even if the attempt was unsuccessful lock rekey can only improve the lock security.

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