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Fast Response Time service

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Mailbox Lock Replacement

Here, at Door Pro Master we understand how important it is to keep your mail secure. That’s why we offer fast and efficient service for replacing mailbox locks in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Our team is on-demand 24/7 to assist you with replacing your mailbox lock.

There are 3 main situations that may require to replace your mailbox lock:

Lost or Stolen Keys

If you’ve misplaced or had your mailbox key stolen it would be wise to replace the lock in order to safeguard your mail.

Damaged Lock

Sometimes weather conditions or regular wear and tear can damage the lock on your mailbox making a lock replacement necessary.

Moving to a New Property

When moving into a house it’s always practice to replace the mailbox lock to ensure the safety of your mail.

One of our valued customers is Mrs. Barton. She accidentally broke her mailbox key while trying to open her mailbox, and was unable to access her mail. She contacted us for assistance. Our technician arrived at her location and quickly replaced the mailbox lock. Mrs. Barton was grateful, for our fast response and for the professional service.

If you need to replace your mailbox lock don’t wait. Get in touch with Door Pro Master. Keep in mind that when you choose us it’s not only about getting a service – it’s, about working with a team that prioritizes your security and safety.