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Fast Response Time service

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Lock Replacement

Recognizing the importance of ensuring the security of your home or business Door Pro Master offers an efficient Lock Replacement Service, in the Kansas City area. Whether you have relocated to a residence misplaced your keys or wish to enhance your security measures our team is round the clock to provide assistance.

There are few circumstances that may require a lock replacement:

Moving Into A New Home

It is always advisable to change the locks when you move into a residence. You can never be certain who else might possess a key to your property.

Lost Or Stolen Keys

Misplacing your keys can potentially expose your property to security risks. In situations opting for lock replacement is a decision.

Old Or Faulty Locks

Over time locks can. Become less effective. Replacing your locks ensures that your property remains secure and the locks operate optimally.

For example we recently received a call, from Mr. Davis, a business owner who had just shifted his operations to a storefront. Mindful of security concerns he requested us to replace all the locks on his premises. Our technicians arrived at his location within half an hour of the phone call. Promptly replaced all the locks with notch secure ones ensuring the safety of his new business premises. Mr. Davis praised our response time and professional assistance.


Remember, when it comes to changing your locks don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Door Pro Master. By choosing us you’re not just getting a service – you’re teaming up with a group that prioritizes your security above all else.