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How to Choose The Best Locks For Your Windows?

Window locks serve an important role in keeping out thieves and choosing the right lock can be quite challenging. Factors like security level, durability and aesthetic are important and should definitely be considered when you are interested in upgrading your home security .

What Materials Your Windows Are Made Of?

In the United States aluminum and timber are the common choices for window frames and it’s highly important to choose the right locks that are specifically designed to match the material of your windows to ensure a correct installation.

What Type of Windows Do You Have?

When it comes to window styles there are 5 types sliding, sash, awning, hung and fixed while fixed windows don’t open at all other windows style need a different lock to secure it.

Sliding window locks prevent the panels from being lifted out of their tracks.

Sash locks installed at the meeting rails to prevent opening from the outside.

Awning locks are mounted on the frame to control the window’s opening angle and prevent forced entry.

Hung windows use pin locks inserted through the frame.

Quality and Durability

Invest in high quality locks made from durable materials like steel or brass. Make sure the locks are resistant to tampering and corrosion to provide long lasting security.


Select locks that are easy to operate and maintain. Complicated locks could prevent regular maintenance which can lead to damage locks that can compromising your home security.


The appearance of the lock should match your window frames. Choose locks that complement the style and finish of your windows while still providing effective security.


Plan a budget for your window locks upgrade where security comes first then all other features. Take in account the costs of hiring a professional locksmith.

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